A dream came true: Sassovivo’s water finally comes back.

One might be led to assume that “Sassovivos’s Springs spa” was built by entrepreneurs but actually was created by private citizens who accepted the challenge and embraced the protection and the enhancement of Sassovivo’s environment.

A challenge that started with the purchase of the facility, the buildings and the 180 hectare of the forest that surrounds the Sassovivo’s springs. After months of silent workings, the company took charge not only of the recovery of the bottling process of the historic mineral water but the reopening also of a place become a symbol of self-identity of Foligno and its citizens.

Currently, the 19 business partners are: Leonardo Tacchi (Foligno), Andrea Tosti (Foligno), Silvia Cocchi (Foligno), Remigio Carciofi (Trevi), Maria Adele Crisafulli (Foligno), Andrea Mazzoni (Passignano sul Trasimento), Emanuele Nanni (Foligno), Federico Perni (Trevi), Alessandro Tirabassi (Torre san Patrizio, Fermo), Jhonathan Volpi (Foligno), Giancarlo Barbini (Foligno), Roberta Bartoli (Foligno), Roberto Coccia (Stukenbrock, Germania), Silvia Ghigi (Città di Castello), Maria Alessandra Mariotti (Foligno), Francesca Papa (Foligno), Maurizio Rossi (Foligno),  Alessandro Viola (Perugia) e Orazio Cimini (Ponte Valleceppi).