A naturalistic oasis of rare beauty

The park of Fonti di Sassovivo is positioned in the middle of a breathtaking natural scenery. The site, of about 629 hectares, is located between the Monti Serrone and Aguzzo and covers much of the Fosso Renaro valley. Also it is near the Abbey of Santa Croce, better known as the Abbey of Sassovivo. It is made from limestone with very steep slopes, and crossed by seasonal watercourses that flow into the Fosso Renaro. The morphology is such that one side is exposed to the north and the other to the south, so that there is a rather accentuated thermal gradient. The territory of the SCI (site of community interest called “Lecceta di Sassovivo”) is characterized by the presence of a holm oak mostly mixed with deciduous trees among the best preserved and most representative of Umbria.

il parco delle fonti sassovivo
vegetazione sassovivo

The typical flora and fauna

The forest vegetation is mainly made up of centuries-old holm oak, black hornbeam, flowering ash, common juniper bushes, downy oaks, strawberry trees and other Mediterranean plant species. The animals present in the wood are, among the mammals, the great porcupine, the common squirrel, the wolf, the wild cat, the little weasel, the marten, the badger the red fox, the common hare, the common hedgehog and the wild boar. There are numerous species of birds and insects

Relaxation and fun

At Sassovivo’s spring, there is a plenty of space to spend both moments of peace and relaxation and fun activities for the whole family. In the square in front of the plant there is a playground which welcomes the little ones while the parents enjoy a well-earned rest. Thanks to the many different trials you can walk or bike in the nature. Finally, the new bar and refreshment area offers the possibility to enjoy a delicious snack and a refreshing glass of water, among other enjoyable treats.

parco giochi sassovivo
parco giochi sassovivo scivolo
Parco giochi sassovivo per disabili
parco giochi sassovivo altalena
sassovivo mercatini di natale

Many events and unmissable appointments

The Sassovivo’s springs association periodically organizes events of various kinds that take place in the park. Starting from the classic Christmas event with the Christmas markets and the house of Santa Claus. Then there are various kind of sports events such as the Festival of Sports Associations in September and the March of the Angry and Sassovivo Wild in October.

sassovivo natale 1